Joinery Services

At KGB Joinery we specialise in both external gates through our Greenoak Gates arm and hardwood furniture through our Classic Oak Furniture brand but ultimately as skilled carpenters with a combined experience of over 60 years in the business we are Joiners at heart.

Joinery is the process of connecting or joining two pieces of wood together through the use of various forms of wood joints. In fine woodworking, common forms of joinery include dovetail, and mortise-and-tenon, but in general Joinery there are many more:

  • Simple Butt Joints
  • Mitre Joints
  • Halving Joints
  • Dowel Joints
  • Lap Joints
  • Finger Joints

If you need it making of wood
then we are here for you,
with advice and
expertese - lets turn
your ideas into a
wooden reality!