Maintaining Oak Furniture

There are a few rules of thumb which we recommend you follow to maintain the fit and finish of all hard wood furniture and objects, these include:

  • Heat causes your wooden furniture's protective oils to dry out, so either reduce the temperature when the room is unoccupied or increase the frequency of re-coating with protective oil. Avoid direct sunlight as this will accelerate the wood's natural fading and cause oils to evaporate more rapidly. If necessary cover the table when not in use with a decorative cloth during the summer months.

  • Avoid standing on chairs as this concentrates weight into a small area and do not allow people to rock onto two legs as the stress on joints will cause movement over time and will damage the chairs legs.

  • Do not place hot cups, saucers or plates directly onto a wooden surface, always use place mats and drinks mats to avoid burn or stain rings.

  • Use protective pads on the underside of legs and never drag furniture over the floor as this will damage wodden joints and the floor!

  • As a last resort fix small marks by rubbing gently with 400 grade, or finer Wet or Dry paper which is lubricated with wood oil (boiled linseed ideally). Try this somewhere hidden at first to see if you are happy with the finish - be gentle, better to remove too little than too much!

  • If you spill a liquid onto the wood, dab with paper towel to soak up the fluid, never wipe the furniture with a damp cloth as this will rapidly remove the protective oils.

  • Under normal use apply a fresh coating of oil intended for oak wood, every 6 to 12 months. Always apply a coating evenly over the surface and allow to soak for half an hour or so before wiping off excess with a dry, absorbant cloth. Be careful with chairs as the oil can stain clothing if excess remains on the woods surface.